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The OxyStress test allows you to determine the amount of stress on the body caused by free radical activity. People of all blood types can benefit from knowing if they are getting enough anti-oxidants in their diets and nutritional supplements to prevent free radical damage to their cells. Results are immediate. Includes informational insert.

Excessive amounts of free radical activity in the body can disrupt the orderly activity of many important biochemical reactions in our cells which can accelerate aging or enhance our susceptibility to disease.

Free radicals are highly reactive molecules. Because of their electron configuration (they are missing at least one electron), these molecules are unstable, and in effect, are in search of other substances from which they can literally steal an electron. Before you jump to the wrong conclusions and assume free radicals are bad (they are not necessarily) it is important to realize that your body actually depends of free radicals for some of its critical activities. As mentioned, it is more a question of balance and your body has many redundant methods for establishing an appropriate balance of free radical activity.

Substances that fuel your body's capability of keeping free radical activity in check are called antioxidants.

A key element of health is the relative balance in your free radical (attacking forces) activity and your antioxidant (defending forces) capability. When these forces become unbalanced and free radical troops outnumber your antioxidant forces, health invariably suffers. Currently over 100 conditions have been identified that have associations with excessive free radical activity. In effect, the chronic and cumulative assault by excessive free radical troops, when antioxidant defences are sub-optimal leads to degeneration and dysfunction.

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