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NAP's Rekon Pro (TFA Plus) was designed by Dr. D'Adamo to boost healthy natural antibody function. Many malignant cells (such as those found in breast and stomach cancer) develop a tumor marker called the Thomsen-Friedenreich (T) antigen. This antigen is suppressed in normal healthy cells, much like a rock is covered over by water at high tide. T antigen only becomes 'unsuppressed' as a cell moves towards malignancy, much like the covered rock in our example becomes uncovered as the tide moves out.

Our production of TFAs tends to drop with age, infirmity, and in general overall levels are lower in individuals with blood groups A and AB. It has been estimated that in about 90% of all cancers and some leukemias, Tn antigens are expressed and uncovered.

As a general rule, an orderly expression of Tn antigens on a cancer cell usually indicates a cancer with a relatively favorable outlook. Thus, insuring that we have healthy levels of TFAs should a prime concern. TFA Plus can help maintain healthy TFA levels in the body.

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