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DETOXICAL® (Estraphase)

Supports Healthy Hormone Levels and Healthy Liver Function

The body’s detoxification systems have a daily demand placed upon them by both external and internal pollutants. For those whose systems carry the burden of additional demand, specialized nutrition may be helpful. 

Detoxical is a unique blend of three synergistic ingredients: Calcium combined with Glucaric acid to form calcium D-Glucarate, and the botanical Phyllanthus.

Glucaric acid is found in small amounts in our bodies and in fruits and vegetables. Calcium D-glucarate is a form of glucaric acid, which is utilized in the body to enhance the process of glucuronidation, a process by which the body rids itself of potentially dangerous pollutants, including foreign organic compounds, fat-soluble toxins and excess steroid hormones such as estrogen.

Some compromised individuals may have less than optimal levels of D-Glucarate. What’s more, a bacterial enzyme called beta-glucuronidase can block the removal of certain pollutants, and the activity of this enzyme can increase naturally with age or in compromised individuals. D-glucarate can inhibit this enzyme and render dangerous levels of toxins easier for the body to neutralize and remove. D-Glucarate can support the body’s detoxification systems and can provide protection throughout the body, especially to tissues influenced by hormones like estrogen and testosterone. 

Detoxical is enhanced by the addition of the botanical Phyllanthus, known for supporting liver function.