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60 Vegi capsules per bottle

Dr. D’Adamo has designed Connectivar™ to help maintain blood vessel, capillary, and ligament strength using a combination of two well-researched herbs, a bioflavonoid complex and one mineral.

The mineral manganese helps to support ligament strength and helps to stabilize joints.

Butchers Broom Root Extract appears to have a protective affect on capillaries, vascular endothelium (internal tissue of blood vessels), and smooth muscle. The flavonoid (antioxidant) content in butchers broom appears to help strengthen blood vessels, lessen capillary fragility, and sustain healthy circulation. Butchers broom appears to have venotonic (blood vessel enhancing) properties that reduce venous (blood vessel) capacity and pooling of blood in the legs. Taking butchers broom alone or in combination with vitamin C and hesperidin (Connectivar® also contains Rutin-Hesperidin Complex), seems to relieve chronic venous insufficiency, including pain, heaviness, leg cramps, itching, and swelling.

Hesperidin, a bioflavonoid, appears to work by improving venous tone and restoring normal capillary permeability and evidence suggests that Gotu Kola may stimulate collagen synthesis.

The result is a well-designed formula to help maintain blood vessel, capillary, and ligament strength for men and women of all blood types. Dr. D'Adamo has also used these herbs in his practice as an aid to wound healing and surgical recovery.

1 capsule 1-2 times daily, or as directed by physician