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Explorer Activator is rich in herbs which minimize tissue glycation and healthy blood sugar control.

Explorer Activator Supplement Strategy:

  • Artichoke Leaf Extract: Artichoke leaf has a long history as a treatment for dyspesia (stomach discomfort), liver and gall bladder difficulties, and irritable bowel disease. It is a source of chlorogenic acid which has beneficial effects in maintaining helthy genetic function.
  • N-actyl glucosamine (NAG): This amino sugar is different from the glucosamine in the common arthritis formulas. It has anti-lectin, anti-adhesive effects and helps maintain proper health of the liver and bile ducts.
  • Milk Tistle Seed Extract: Milk Thistle is a time honord 'hepatoprotective' herb. Milk thistle has been reported to have protective effects on the liver and to improve its function. It is typically used to treat liver cirrhosis, chronic hepatitis (liver inflammation), and gallbladder disorders. The active compound in Milk thistle is silymarin, a mixture of at least 4 closely related flavonolignans.
  • Malic Acid: Malic acid is a fruit derived acid found in grapes and apples which plays an essential role in the production of energy and helps remove high levels of minerals such as phosphorous and aluminum from the body.
  • L-Phenyalanine: A common amino acid in the diet, phenylalanine help increase the health and amount of the digestive secretions used by the small intestines.

Explorer Activator Supplement Facts


  • Together with GenoType specific diet and lifestyle strategies, the Explorer Activator formula works in harmony with the Synergist and Catalyst formulas to support your body's natural ability to maximize your GenoType's strengths and minimize its weaknesses.