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106 ml. Pump Bottle

After a thorough cleansing of the skin, pat dry and apply your D'Adamo Genoma AGE-Inhibiting Toner by spraying the entire face until damp. Spray face with eyes closed. Let dry on skin for let dry on skin and then apply moisturizer. You can use the toner again throughout the day to freshen and moisten the skin.

To make this unique toner, Dr. D'Adamo uses three natural mineral peptides to enhance toning of the ligaments underlying the skin, helping to tighten soft and sagging facial muscles. To this he added wild-crafted extracts of milk thistle, neroli flower, and krameria root, to help tighten pores and help expel trapped dirt and debris. D'Adamo Genoma AGE-Inhibiting Toner absorbs quickly, and provides continuous natural quenching hydration to your skin-without a heavy, greasy feel. The unique formula also features aspen bark as a natural preservative: No harmful chemicals or preservatives!

  • Formulated by Dr. D'Adamo to be Right For All Types. Most skin care products contain irritants for one or more blood types
  • D'Adamo Genoma Skin Care Products feature none of the common irritants: wheat or milk proteins; corn or coconut by-products; or aloe vera
  • Carefully blended with all-natural, wild-crafted, and organic botanicals
  • No mineral oil, parabens, paraffin, or petrolatum - Dr. D'Adamo uses no petroleum-based products, which research shows can be disruptive to hormonal activity
  • No propylene glycol or other potentially harmful ingredients used in typical moisturizers
  • Not tested on animals
Genoma Skin Care - AGE-Inhibiting Toner